Apple patents iPhone and Watch in zirconia

The iPhone 14 is just around the corner and we already seem to know some hot details about next year’s iPhone 15 , but there’s always a chance that details about the future of iPhones are already flying around us in plain sight. According to a new patent obtained by The Forbes , Apple could explore ceramic as a possible body material for its future iPhones and Apple Watches. In particular, the patent in question provides for “Electronic devices with components based on textured zirconia”, which would have a matte finish.

According to the patent images, zirconia could be used for the iPhone’s back plate, with a circular center reserved for the Apple logo, plus the matte finish would match a Pro / Pro Max model and would definitely fit their more premium role in the Apple range.

Why should Apple explore ceramics, especially zirconia, instead of sticking to glass and metal, the de facto standard materials used in the industry right now? The industry always tries to come forward with stronger and lighter materials that can even survive an unfortunate encounter with the ground, while remaining visually pristine by preventing scratches.

With these requirements in mind, zirconia fulfills all needs with only one serious drawback, namely that zirconia, or zirconium dioxide, is considered the most durable monolithic ceramic, with high hardness, strength, toughness and resistance to chemical corrosion. Zirconia is also used as a substitute for diamond in jewelry. It is stronger than most common metal alloys and compensates for effects or normal wear, and is one of the dental industry’s favorite materials when it comes to artificial crowns because it has so many physical advantages over other materials.

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