Apple wants to advertise your iPhone

Apple wants to advertise your iPhone. Today the adverts are shown exclusively within the AppStore, but the spaces dedicated to the adverts will soon be increased.

In the future – reveals a report by journalist Mark Gurman -, Apple will also show advertisements on the Maps , Books and Podcast apps . Apple – continues the Bloomberg journalist – has already conducted internal tests, with encouraging results. One of the ideas under consideration is that business owners – such as shops and restaurants – can advertise their businesses on the app.

These would be advertisements very similar to those already introduced in the AppStore, where developers can pay to have Apple suggest their applications when the user is looking for specific keywords (such as ‘games’, ‘puzzles’ and so on. ).

Similarly, podcast creators will be able to promote their projects on the audio app and publishers will be able to advertise their latest books on the Books app. In short, Apple will not show you advertisements for tires or air fryers when you use its apps, but we are talking about minimally invasive advertisements and potentially actually useful for the user.

That’s all? Maybe not: Gurman also talks about the possibility of showing advertisements in the download and Today section. Furthermore, following the model launched by Netflix and Disney +, commercial breaks could also arrive on Apple TV + .

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