Awoved in development with Unreal Ungine 5? Another clue comes up

Obsidian Entertainment may be developing Avowed with Unreal Engine 5 , based on a clue from a developer’s resume. Specifically, the CV in question, which you can view in the tweet below, clearly mentions Unreal Engine 5 and other proprietary tools in the description.

As you can see, Obsidian’s Area Designer Intern online resume reveals that the developer is currently doing, among other things, level design, narrative and combat elements “in Unreal Engine 5” . Obviously there is still no official confirmation in this regard, and although the adoption of UE 5 may now seem obvious, we remind you that the Obsidian game was however announced well before the spread of the Epic Games engine.

Among other things, we remind you that in recent months other similar details have also emerged from the Linkedin profiles of the other members of Obsidian which confirmed the use of the Epic Games graphics engine for projects currently in progress. All details that now seem to go in one direction only.

Announced in 2020 with a trailer, Avowed is Obisidian’s newest game. It is a first person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora, the same as the Pillars of Eternity games.

We remind you that Avowed is expected for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

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