Emotional intelligence: 5 signs indicate empathy

What is meant by emotional intelligence ? It is the ability to perceive, analyze and evaluate one’s own emotions and those of others. If you can have good emotional intelligence, then you can improve your quality of life . High emotional intelligence also improves interpersonal relationships, communication, reduces stressors and anxiety.

Here are 5 signs that you are more empathetic than you think.

  • Ask for advice, not feedback
  • You appreciate negative feedback
  • You often praise other people
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Skip the superficial chatter


Most people don’t like negative feedback , but people with high emotional intelligence appreciate negative feedback . So they can try to improve themselves. Moreover, those who are emotionally intelligent know that what he wants or needs is nothing more than what he can give to people. For example, a simple “thank you”.

Also consider that when feedback is requested rather than spontaneous, then it is too vague. To seek advice, instead, it would provide 34% more areas for improvement and 56% more ways to improve. Emotionally intelligent people therefore know how to ask for advice , and it’s better than just asking for feedback. People with emotional intelligence know when a person is vulnerable and admits a mistake. A way to allow another person to do the same thing, so that more trust and sincerity will be established.

A study also found that an awkward and uncomfortable conversation tends to create greater bond between two people. Emotionally intelligent people understand that the deeper the conversation, the more likely the two are to create a more intense relationship .

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