Explosion in ammunition depot in Crimea! Statement from the defense ministry

Two people were injured in an explosion in an ammunition depot belonging to the Russian army in Crimea, annexed by Russia. “The reason for the explosion was sabotage,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The Russian Ministry of Defense shared the details of the explosion in the temporary ammunition depot of the Russian military unit located near the village of Mayskoye in the countryside of the Canköy residential area of ​​Crimea annexed by Russia .

Confirming that the explosion in the ammunition depot occurred as a result of the attack by Ukraine, the ministry described the situation as “sabotage.

The ministry also made a statement regarding the incident in which 2 people were injured, according to the first determinations, “On the morning of August 16, the military depot near the Cankoy settlement was damaged as a result of sabotage. During The Explosion at the military depot , electrical transmission lines, power station, railway line, residential buildings and some civil infrastructure areas were also damaged.used his statements.

At the end of the statement, it was stated that there were no serious injuries and that work was ongoing to remove the debris caused by the explosion.

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