Extreme heat: marine species at risk in the Mediterranean

As many as 50 marine species have been decimated by the overheating of the Mediterranean waters . Biodiversity is threatened by high temperatures. The thermometer off the Italian coast reports five degrees higher than in 2021. The summer of 2022 is a record-breaking summer in every sense. This impact negatively affects people and ecosystems, but also the biodiversity of marine species.

Due to the rising temperatures of the Mediterranean, at least 50 marine species have drastically reduced. This could happen again and worse. July recorded much higher temperatures than 2021. In Spain, in Cabo del Gata, it was close to 28 degrees. In the vicinity of Nice the water has even reached 29.2 degrees.


This is the absolute record since at least 1994 and most likely even before. The ocean and the sea are like sponges for heat.

Jean-Pierre Gattuso, oceanographer

The intense heat waves exceeded those of the 2015-2019 period. There has been the disappearance of numerous marine species such as the Posidonia oceanica aquatic plant . This could happen again and in a more serious way.

Sudden climate changes have devastating effects on Earth, but also on marine species. Fishing and plastic pollution must also be added to global warming . Damage to the oceans must therefore also be taken into account in creating solutions to climate change .

  • The extreme heat also affects the waters of the Mediterranean: the survival of at least 50 marine species at risk (ohga.it)

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