First grain ship turned into enigma

Razoni, the first grain ship to depart from Ukrainian ports within the framework of the grain corridor agreement accepted by Ukraine and Russia under the mediation of the United Nations and Turkey, still has not reached its final port.

The ship, allegedly carrying corn for Lebanon , Anchored Off The Mersin Port After The Buyer Gave Up. In the latest news, it was claimed that Razoni was off the Syrian port of Tartus. In the statement made by the Ukrainian Embassy in Beirut, it was stated that the last location of the ship was not known, and that the receiver of the cargo on the ship had changed several times.

According to international media, the Sierra Leone-flagged Razoni departed from the Ukrainian port of Odessa on 1 August. Accordingly, it was carrying 26 thousand tons of corn for the buyer in Lebanon. However, when the ship arrived off the coast of Lebanon, it was reported that the buyer gave up because the delivery was delayed. It was stated that the ship anchored off Mersin on 11 August and approached the Syrian port of Tartus yesterday. It’s not clear why he did this as the ship turned off the locator signal system. Grain and food shipments to Syria are not covered by international sanctions.

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