Muscle cramps: the importance of prevention in the summer

Preventing muscle cramps in the summer is possible, just have a few more precautions. To prevent them, however, stretching is not enough , you need to study well the approach to sport in the summer. Muscle cramp is a twinge that immobilizes the muscle and takes a few minutes to stop. It is a short, involuntary contraction of muscle or muscles during sports.


Stretching the affected muscles can often help. For example, to relieve a twinge in the calf, using one hand to pull the foot and toes upward can be effective.

Dr. Pietro Bassi, neurology specialist on the San Donato Group website

How to prevent cramps? There are many factors that contribute to cramps. For example, dehydration, lack of stretching and sleep, inactivity due to medication, too high temperatures, such as heat. Here at least one of these factors can cause the cramp. It all starts with a series of electrical impulses from the nervous system to the muscles. Hydration and nutrition are also important.

This is why the reintegration of mineral salts is important due to excessive sweating. The most important mineral salts are potassium , calcium and magnesium in the brain. Furthermore, foods rich in minerals are eggs, bananas, yogurt, vegetables, legumes and green leafy vegetables.

It is also important to get enough sleep , in order to train in perfect shape and without fatigue. The latter can in fact cause the manifestation of muscle cramps. It is therefore preferable to sleep 7-8 hours a night. The choice of the time to train is also essential . Summer has high temperatures most of the day. Better to train early in the morning or late in the evening. One way to not get too tired and train better.

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