Pompeii: cabinets and trunks with crockery from two thousand years ago

Once upon a time, we are talking about two thousand years ago , there was no time to take objects away. When we ran away, there was nothing else to think about. After such a long time, cabinets and trunks with original dishes of the time re-emerge from the excavations of Pompeii . They are thought to have belonged to one of the families affected by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The house belonged to the middle class of the time.

Pompeii is a historical place that never ceases to give us new discoveries. In the find there are vases, amphorae, plates, glass and terracotta objects, all in trunks and cabinets. All abandoned during the escape from the eruption of the volcano. There are also lesser known items such as a precious decorated perfume burner and seven waxed plates gathered by a string. According to the archaeologists they belonged to a middle-class family of the time.

In the Roman Empire there was a large slice of the population who fought for their social status and for which the ‘daily bread’ was anything but taken for granted.

Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Director of the Archaeological Park

The objects found are simple, only some are precious materials such as gold and bronze. There are some adorned rooms, some not.


Pompeii never ceases to amaze and is a beautiful story of redemption, the demonstration that when in Italy you work as a team, invest in young people, in research and innovation, extraordinary results are achieved.

Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture

  • Pompeii, what a splendor! From the excavations emerge cupboards and trunks containing original crockery. They had been closed for two thousand years (greenme.it)

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