The iPhone 14 Pro with always-on display imagined by some renders in high definition

An artist created a high definition render of the iPhone 14 Pro using all the official and ‘unofficial’ information at his disposal. The result is quite convincing.

But first, a review of what we know about Apple’s upcoming phones. They will be presented in September and will be four: for the first time there will also be an iPhone 14 Max, that is a version with a ‘maxi’ screen of the base model.

As for the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, we know that they will introduce some important innovations: they will be the first without notch , in its place we will find a punch-hole cam; they will have a new processor (while the base models will continue to use the A15 Bionic) and, finally, will be equipped with a new display with refresh rate capable of supporting even very low values, such as 1Hz.

This last feature will ensure that, for the first time, the two phones support Always-on Display . Translated: The display will always remain on, showing the time, latest notifications and other information chosen by the user – even when the user is not interacting with the phone.

The render created by Graphic Designer AR7 gives us a taste of this new function: we see the black screen, with some icons and the time in black and white. We remind you that the AoD is designed to weigh as little as possible on battery consumption, but that users who want to maximize autonomy can still choose to deactivate the mode.



  • Concept: iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16 will probably look like this (

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