The museum is healthy: it extends life and reduces stress

There has been talk many times about how seeing beautiful things can give a feeling of well-being. In 2018, museum therapy was already recognized in Canada . The doctor prescribes that visiting a museum can decrease stress , relax the mind and body, benefit the mood. The British researchers thus analyzed the relationship between artistic and cultural activities and the death rate.

The research began in 2004 and lasted 12 years. Participants were monitored in their artistic and cultural activities . We talk about museums, art galleries and much more. Then during the 12 years there was the registration of deaths. Then they compared it with the mortality data of the national health service. Economic, health and social factors were also considered.

The researchers found that people engaged in artistic pursuits, once or twice a year, had a 14% lower risk of dying. Those who had devoted more time to cultural-artistic activities had a 31% lower mortality . Visiting a museum is good for you and therefore seems to extend your life.

From September 2022, a scientific study will also be launched in Italy. The Museum of Natural History and the Gallery of Modern Art will become a field of investigation for research aimed at this purpose. Those who participate in the study will be present at four specific meetings: the information part, the exhibition part of the museum, the explanation of the objects and the final debate. Participants’ anxiety and stress levels will be detected with user-friendly tools for measuring physiological indices. So we will finally be sure that visiting a museum is good for you.

  • Visiting a museum could ease stress (and extend life) (

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