After the US, Canadian lawmakers are also planning a visit to Taiwan

Canadian Parliament Liberal Group Chairperson Judy Sgro announced that the Canadian Parliament’s International Trade Committee plans to visit Taiwan in early October.

After the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which caused tensions between China and Taiwan , It Was Announced That A Visit to Taiwan was planned by Canadian lawmakers. Canadian Parliament Liberal Group Chairman Judy Sgro stated that 8 committee members of the Parliament, who are members of Canada-Taiwan Friendship Group, are planning to go to Taiwan and said, “The purpose of the visit is not to cause problems for Taiwan or China. He plans to visit Taiwan to seize opportunities,” he said.

Stating that there was “significant pressure” in international relations after the US Congressional Delegation’s visit to Taiwan, Sgro said that the visit, which he called a “necessary” trip, would be realized through diplomacy. In his statement, Sgro said, “Democracy is an important part of all of us. We need to protect other countries fighting for their freedom and democracy. Frankly, I am proud that Canada also stands up to China.”

Randy Hoback, Conservative MP and Vice Chairman of the Commerce Committee, said in a statement: “I think we need to get back to normal in a lot of things. One of them is visits, interacting from country to country.”

While it was reported that Canada started its Taiwan trip plan last spring, it was stated that whether the trip would take place would be partially dependent on Taiwan’s COVID-19 protocols.
The visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan was met with reaction from China. In response to Pelosi’s visit, China restricted trade, launched major military exercises around Taiwan, and imposed sanctions on Pelosi. The US Congressional Delegation visited Taiwan last Sunday and met with Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen.

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