Almost one in two Android users in the US would like to switch to Apple

According to a survey conducted by Beyond Identity, almost half of American Android users would like to switch to Apple , citing as reasons for this preference above all the “greater privacy and security” guaranteed by iPhones.

Many of the respondents said they prefer the iPhone 13 Pro Max to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra , which is what can be defined as the spearhead of the Android offering in the United States, where many Chinese brands are not present.

To conduct its research, Beyond Identity interviewed 1,003 Americans. Both users who already own an iPhone and those who have an Android phone said they consider the iPhone 13 Pro Max to be safer than the Galaxy S22 Ultra (the figure exceeds 70% in both groups).

As for Cloud services: 20% of users who use iCloud Keychain said they feel extremely safe to keep their passwords in this way, while for Google Password Manager the figure stops at 13% of the interviewees. In both groups, confidence in cloud storage services gained the majority of respondents.

Similar story for iCloud (27% of users say they feel extremely safe keeping photos and data this way) and Google Drive (22% of users).

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