Alphabet’s robots will be able to understand more complex sentences thanks to PaLM support

Alphabet combines its robotic and artificial intelligence-supported language technologies to make its robots smarter.

Robotic technologies, which are seen as the future of the technology world, continue to develop day by day. Robots , which are expected to take place in many parts of our daily lives in the future , are getting smarter with the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

We conveyed to you in November of last year that Alphabet , the umbrella company of Google, started to test its cleaning-oriented robots in Google offices . According to the information we have obtained today, Alphabet combines its robotic and artificial intelligence-supported language technologies in order to make its robots smarter.

Alphabet, which has been developing its cleaning-oriented robots since 2019, focuses on making its robots better understand people, with artificial intelligence-oriented language support . Alphabet, which uses PaLM (Pathways Language Model), an artificial intelligence-based language technology developed by Google to make its robots smarter , enables its robots to understand more complex sentences.

To remind you, robots with artificial intelligence can currently understand simpler and shorter sentences / commands. Alphabet’s cleaning robots , which were able to understand directly when a command was given to clean an area , had problems with complex sentences.

Solving this problem with PaLM support, Alphabet’s robots are now “I spilled my drink, can you help me?” It can perform the necessary cleaning by understanding even a question sentence like this. In short, Alphabet’s robots just got smarter with PaLM support.

Continuing its tests on the subject, Alphabet stated that in its tests , 84 percent of the robots were able to prepare the correct answers for the commands of the users, and 74 percent were able to successfully complete the instructions. It will not be a surprise that robots, which are getting smarter every day, will appear more in the future.

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