Apple will leave about 100 employees of the human resources division at home

Even Apple , a company with a market capitalization of nearly $ 3 trillion, will leave employees behind. It is yet another major tech company to have announced layoffs , in view of a possible new global recession.

Apple in recent weeks has been more reluctant than others to leave its workers at home. Even Google had chosen a milder strategy, limiting itself to announcing a slowdown in new hires in the hope of being able to avoid a wave of layoffs.

The problem is that even simply cutting new hires creates redundant figures, and so it was for Apple. What do you do with a huge human resources division if you plan not to do new interviews or open new positions for an indefinite number of months? Not much, of course.

Apple has announced that it will terminate the employment relationship with about 100 contract employees in the HR division, which is the team that acts as a bridge between the rest of the workers and the company and therefore also takes care of the new hires. The 100 workers who lost their jobs had an external collaboration relationship and many of them had part-time commitments. Apple does not intend, at least for now, to review its employment relationship even with permanent employees.

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