Rare tumor: 13 kg removed in a record surgery

At the Federico II Polyclinic in Naples, a 50-year-old Neapolitan was operated on for a retroperitoneal tumor weighing 13 kg . In short, the size of a sofa cushion measuring 40x40x50 cm. Fortunately, everything went well. Mrs. Carla (not her real name) was discharged from the hospital with the possibility of returning to work and to her own life. Yet until a few weeks before her, the severe tumor that had affected her was quite rare for the position she was in. Especially her large size also frightened her and the surgeons.

A tumor weighing 13 kg, in fact when Carla arrived at the hospital she was in severe anemia and asthenia, with a great weight loss. There were no specific symptoms, but a series of tests gave the sad response of the large tumor mass. The subsequent diagnosis allowed us to clarify the nature of the tumor in the retroperitoneal area. The surgeons analyzed the size of the tumor and the involvement of the right kidney in the neoplastic process, including compression of the vena cava.


As well as the presence of huge and numerous collateral circles vicarious the functions of the compromised vena cava.

hospital note



Such large tumors are rare and the clinical picture was complicated for this very reason. Rare because they hardly develop from retroperitoneal tissues, as they prefer the female genital system. The medical staff, however, were able to plan the precise therapy. He subjected Carla to a radical removal operation of the huge tumor in a short time and in complete safety.


Worldwide there are very few tumors of this size, with these characteristics and which present the possibility of undertaking a path of treatment and complete recovery for the patient. A surgical challenge that has been faced thanks to the multidisciplinary skills and cutting-edge technologies, some of which have been recently acquired, with which the Federiciana company is equipped. The intervention was conducted in a linear manner and without any intraoperative problems thanks to the cooperation and synergy between all the professionals involved.

Professor Michele Santangelo, one of the authors of the difficult and delicate surgery



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