Seats on the plane: when facing backwards they give advantages

The mysterious details to know about the planes we take to travel are still many. For example, why it is always cold on an airplane or why the windows are round. Or why tomato juice tastes better when we fly over the vehicle. If we talk about reverse-facing seats , not everyone knows what you are talking about. Aircraft seats are of various types, but all face the same direction. The seats are naturally facing the front of the cabin, but research shows that they are facing the wrong way.

It would be better if the seats of the planes were facing backwards for added safety. Yes, because it is certified that they can prevent injuries and better support the body. Research also looked into the suitability of rear-facing child car seats. Well, they appear to be 75% more effective in preventing spinal injuries in the event of an impact. Even on the plane, therefore, with this solution, stress could be reduced in the neck, head and back.

Most airlines do not have rear-facing seats. This is because they are heavier and have more fuel consumption . Here, the problem is the costs. However, there are some planes that have rear-facing seats. This is because they fit together more seats. In some cases there is their own privacy separator, in other cases there are passengers who prefer to travel seated facing each other. In addition, the flight attendants are seated backwards. It is said to be able to observe passengers directly and make sure that everyone follows safety protocols: an important detail in case of emergency.

  • On a plane it would be better to have rear-facing seats: that’s why. (

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