The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine war… Zelensky’s adviser spoke for the first time! Here is Ukraine’s plan that will be the key to victory

Contrary to expectations, the war between Russia and Ukraine did not end in a short time and dragged the world into a global crisis. While both sides continued to suffer heavy losses, the latest statement from Ukraine drew attention. Zeleski’s adviser drew the roadmap for victory in an exclusive interview he gave to the British press.

Russia ‘s annexation of Crimea was one of the first things that ignited the war we are in today. The Russia- Ukraine conflict, involving Crimea and Donbass, has turned into a major war in the past 8 years.

While the bloody clashes between the two armies continue, Russia is shocked by the latest news from Crimea. Russia suffered much heavier losses than the Kremlin announced in the attack on Saki Air Base in Crimea.

In the sixth month of the Ukrainian war, Crimea seems to be the new front of the war. For the second time in a week, Ukraine has attacked a Russian military facility in occupied Crimea. “The attacks will continue until Crimea is liberated,” Kyiv said.

The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine war… Zelensky's adviser spoke for the first time Here is Ukraine's plan that will be the key to victory

Smoke rising from the Russian airbase shot down in Crimea



The Adviser To The President Of Ukraine , Zelensky, drew the new road map of Ukraine with his latest statement.

Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said Russian supply lines would be targeted and predicted attacks similar to the one that occurred at the Crimean airbase last week.

The name, a key adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Ukraine had launched a counterattack aimed at creating “chaos within the Russian forces” by hitting the occupiers’ supply lines that stretched deep into the occupied territory.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Mykhailo Podolyak said there could be more attacks ‘in the next two or three months’, similar to the mysterious attacks on a railway junction and an airbase in Crimea and the attack on Russian warplanes at the peninsula’s Saki airport last week .

The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine war… Zelensky's adviser spoke for the first time Here is Ukraine's plan that will be the key to victory

While Russia tries to get over the shock of the Crimean attacks, it displays its cutting-edge weapons at the arms fair.



Russia said that a fire that broke out yesterday caused explosions at an ammunition depot in the Dzhankoi district of Crimea.

This is exactly what Podolyak was trying to convey: I would like to underline that the Crimea occupied by the Russians will carry a high risk of death for the invaders and thieves with the warehouse explosions.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for these latest attacks. They encouraged Russian tourists to flee Crimea in panic. On Tuesday, queues formed in front of the train station in Simferopol, the capital of the region.

The defense ministry in Moscow said it was dealing with cases of sabotage and was taking “necessary measures” to prevent further incidents.


Speaking from the presidential offices in Kiev, Podolyak said, “Our strategy is to destroy logistics, supply lines and ammunition depots and other military infrastructure objects. This will return to the Russians as chaos within their own forces as well.” said.

The adviser, described as the third most powerful figure in the country, explained that Kiev’s approach prevented Moscow from using sharp artillery to gain territory in the eastern Donbass region, prompting Russian troops to take turns to destroy cities such as Mariupol and Sievierodonetsk. In other words, as Russia tried to gain land, it destroyed / had to destroy the cities it tried to win.

“So Russia has taught everyone that a counterattack requires an enormous amount of manpower, like a giant fist, and will only go in one direction,” he said, but “The Ukrainian counterattack looks very different. We do not use the tactics of the 60s and 70s, of the last century. ” he added.

However, these statements can also be interpreted as an acknowledgment that Ukraine is trying to amass the amount of men and military supplies needed to sustain a full counterattack in the south of the country, which typically requires the superiority of three or more soldiers over one.

The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine war… Zelensky's adviser spoke for the first time Here is Ukraine's plan that will be the key to victory

Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to Zelensky, also known as Ukraine’s number 3



Zelenski’s adviser suggested that last week’s airbase attack might have been the work of partisans, but he playfully dismissed any suggestion that it might have been an accident, as Moscow claimed soon after the attack.

“I strongly agree with the Russian defense ministry that there will be more such incidents in the next two or three months,” Podolyak said. “I think we can see more of them,” he said.

He also signaled that Ukraine considers the Crimean Bridge, which connects the occupied peninsula to the Russian mainland, as a legitimate military target. “This is an illegal construction and the main gate to supply the Russian army in Crimea. “Such objects must be destroyed,” he said.


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