Trump: FBI agents took my passports too

Former President Donald Trump, whose home was searched for allegedly taking classified documents with him to Florida while leaving the White House, said that his passports were stolen.

In a message he shared on his personal social media site, Truth Social, Trump said, “Wow! Three Of My Passports (One Of Them Outdated) Were Stolen During The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago,” he wrote. It was not clear whether the passports in question were of a personal nature or were diplomatic passports given to Trump upon his inauguration. A Justice Department official who acknowledged that the passports were seized during the search on August 8, told NBC News yesterday that they were returned to Trump.


The “top secret” documents that the FBI found in former President Donald Trump ‘S Home Raised The Question Of Who Had Access To These Documents. CNN wrote that 1.2 million people had access to documents labeled “top secret,” according to the report most recently released in October 2017 by the Director of National Intelligence. A total of 1.6 million people can see documents labeled “private” or “confidential”. However, authorities only have access to documents in their area of ​​responsibility. In the USA, documents are classified in 3 levels according to their importance. The highest level of “top secret” documents; It contains intelligence that “would cause severe damage to national security” if revealed, such as the actions of the Russian military or North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

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