Magnolia flower: found in Haiti, it is not extinct

A surprising news is that of the discovery of a species of magnolia that was thought to be completely extinct. Its traces had been lost for 97 years, but it was recently found in a Haitian forest . Its name is Magnolia emarginata , it is a tree with white flowers and leaves with a particular and unique shape. Its discovery was originally made in the Morne Colombo forest.

It was from 1925 that there was no more news of this species and no more specimens were found. This is why they were believed to be extinct, perhaps due to deforestation . Only 1% of the forest remains today and many plants have been lost. Some specimens are no longer found because they develop in inaccessible places. A bit like what happened to the marginalized Magnolia, a plant that does not grow in other places.

A group of expert scholars has decided to look for it in these places. So after a few days of expedition to the Massif du Nord mountain, he managed to find it. Immediately the discovery of the first tree and then other specimens, some in bloom, others still growing. Despite the almost complete deforestation, nature is trying to resist and fight. After its discovery, scientists decided to harvest its seeds in the fall to preserve them.

  • Magnolia flower considered extinct is unexpectedly found in Haiti (

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