PS5 available now on Amazon bundled with Horizon Forbidden West

PS5  is  available  now  Amazon bundled with Horizon Forbidden West. The console is available for purchase at a price of € 559.99 through sales by invitation, reserved for customers accustomed to the platform. Below is the link to purchase the product.

The new invite-only sales service guarantees as many real customers as possible the opportunity to purchase items with high demand and limited availability. To access the service it is not necessary to be subscribed to Amazon Prime: just go to the Amazon page of the product you want to buy and click on Request invitation .

We remind you that Horizon Forbidden West is Aloy’s new adventure, more complete and expanded than its predecessor. In our review we explained to you that “ Horizon Forbidden West has improved most of the negative aspects of its predecessor. All the additions are pleasant and pleasant, coming to package an experience that is on the same length as Zero Dawn, around 40 hours of play, and which allow us to have in our hands one of the most fascinating technical and graphic yields up to now, of this generation. The sense of wonder of the predecessor remains, but with the correction of all those annoying aspects that had made Zero Dawn, in some places, cumbersome.

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