Punta Bianca: the Sicilian promontory becomes a nature reserve

A heavenly place between Agrigento and Palma di Montechiaro, washed by the African sea. This is the Sicilian promontory of Punta Bianca , included in the regional plan as a protected nature reserve. Punta Bianca, Monte Grande and Scoglio Patella have been named an oriented nature reserve. To make it known are the mayor of Agrigento Francesco Miccichè and the Mareamico association of the delegation of Agrigento.


We wanted to give a definitive impulse to the procedure to place another precious portion of our land under protection. It was a commitment I had made during my visit to the Agrigento area. The goal is to allow a sustainable enhancement even if not plastered. For the municipalities concerned it will be a new development opportunity, respecting the landscape.

Nello Musumeci, president of the Sicily Region



Punta Bianca extends between the municipalities of Agrigento and Palma di Montechiaro. The promontory covers an area of ​​437 hectares. In 2001 the area had already been of considerable public interest for its scenic beauty and archaeological richness. The crystal clear sea joins the sandy coves and pebbles. Here the uncontested nature triumphs with the Mediterranean scrub .

Punta Bianca, a new reserve, is the habitat of many migratory birds and many other animal species. Behind Punta Bianca there are also numerous archaeological and prehistoric sites associated with sulfur and its processing and extraction. A priceless and irreplaceable heritage that the new decree will now be able to protect even more.



  • The picturesque Sicilian promontory of Punta Bianca is now officially a nature reserve! (greenme.it)

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