Elon Musk, users “fire” him as CEO of Twitter and Renzi jokes: “it reminds me of something”

survey attended by millions of users, and organized by the person concerned, decreed that Elon Musk must resign from the role of CEO of Twitter, the company he bought for 44 billion dollars. The billionaire had promised that he would stick to the poll result, but for the moment he is blatantly ignoring the matter.


The question was very clear: “should I resign from the leadership of Twitter ?”. The response of users even more: 57.5% of voters said yes and only 42.5% sided in favor of the founder of Tesla.

In the hours immediately following the conclusion of the vote, Musk portrayed himself in a decidedly unusual silence for a person who has accustomed us – well before becoming the owner of the platform – to tweeting in a talkative and impulsive way at any time of the day. Only after several hours had passed, Musk started sharing some posts from his companies: there is a tweet about Tesla’s progress in the solar panel market and yet another from the official Twitter account, announcing the birth of the Twitter Blue subscription for business. But of comments or acknowledgments of the plebiscite that called for his resignation not even the shadow of him.

For the avoidance of doubt, no one forced Elon Musk to submit to the judgment of users. It’s a mess he got himself into: Musk could very well have specified that it was an informal poll on his work that would have had no consequences, but on the contrary he preferred to publicly commit to resign in the event that the majority of voters had decided to do so.


A grotesque situation that obviously aroused the hilarity of the most. Even the former Italian premier Matteo Renzi made fun of the issue, drawing a parallel with the constitutional referendums he had promoted and lost in 2016: “And yet it reminds me of something,” he tweeted, posting a screenshot of the poll result.


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