FBI held Twitter executives accountable

It turned out that in 2020, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) held Twitter executives accountable for failing to adequately report “state propaganda” and demanded written responses about the company’s security practices.

The Twitter Files showed the FBI probing Twitter executives in 2020. A disagreement between the bureau and the social media platform upon the FBI’s requests, where Matt Taibbi, known as a freelance journalist, asked intense questions on Twitter that the FBI did not adequately report “state propaganda” (made from outside the US) in his posts on his Twitter account. appeared to occur. “In July 2020, FBI agent Elvis Chan from San Francisco told (former) Twitter executive Yoel Roth to wait for written inquiries from the Foreign Impact Task Force (FITF), the FBI’s cyberthreat unit, which deals with cyber threats,” Taibbi shared. made statements.

More revelations to come

Correspondence between the two agencies states that the FBI expressed its displeasure at a briefing on Twitter in 2020, as it “implies that it has not observed that the official propaganda actors on the platform have been very active lately”. According to Taibbi, the FBI then asked Twitter how it came to the conclusion that foreign government propaganda was not very active, and sent Twitter a list to prove that outside threats were widespread, awaiting a written response. While former Twitter administrator Roth was disturbed by the FBI’s request for a written response, the FBI insisted that requests from the social media platform were a normal procedure. Taibbi announced that more pre-Elon Musk Twitter-related disclosures are coming through ongoing “Twitter Files” reports.

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