Germany and Poland will buy oil from Russia

Russian oil pipeline operator Transneft reported that it has received requests for oil shipments from Germany and Poland to 2023.

Transeft President Nikolay Tokarev told Russian state channel Rossiya 24 that Europe has decided not to buy oil from Russia as of January 1.

Pointing out that the demand for Russian oil continues despite the said decision, Tokarev said, “We received requests for 3 million tons of oil from Polish consumers for next year. Germany also applied for the first quarter.”┬ásaid.

On December 2, European Union countries agreed on a ceiling price of $60 per barrel for oil transported by sea from Russia.

The G7 and EU countries also impose a ban on imports of oil transported by sea from Russia as of December 5.

Polish and German officials also announced that they plan to completely stop imports of Russian oil.

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