Google Lens will soon be able to decipher the improbable handwriting of your doctor or classmate

Google has produced an algorithm capable of deciphering handwritten texts , even those with the most improbable and ‘criminal’ handwriting. It is no coincidence that some media have dubbed it “the AI ​​that can understand what your doctor wrote”, given the tendency of doctors to write prescriptions for drugs with fancy hieroglyphs.


Google revealed the new product at an event aimed at the Indian market . And, in fact, this AI will initially be available only in India: trivially because it has been trained to interpret Indian writing. In the future, support will also be extended to other languages ​​(let’s imagine that for the moment we are only talking about the Latin alphabet, while for Cyrillic, Arabic and so on we will have to wait even longer).

The AI ​​is integrated within Google Lens , a versatile application from Google capable of recognizing and interpreting images: the same one that can be used to scan QR Codes, or to translate signage from one language to another and many other purposes.

Google Lens accesses the phone’s camera, just frame the object that interests us. In this case, just frame the handwritten note and Google will do everything possible to recognize and transcribe the content of the text, making it easily understandable. Returning to the most interesting example, that of doctors’ prescriptions , Google will even be able to recognize and link the medicines mentioned. However, it is not the only case of use: think of the possibility of interpreting the notes of your brilliant but somewhat chaotic classmate.


Google’s AI currently recognizes over 100 languages ​​used in India and will make its debut in select markets in the Southeast Asia region.

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