Marvel Snap unveils the 2023 roadmap: here’s all the news

Marvel Snap is preparing for an important 2023, after the explosive debut all the news of the digital card game of the moment arrives.

Marvel Snap was a truly amazing debut, a success from the creator of Hearthstone .

The digital card game inspired by the heroes of the House of Ideas , who can also decorate your Christmas through Amazon , has been out for not too long and has already made headlines.

In the first seven days he earned an exorbitant amount , setting records and quickly establishing himself in the sector.


So much so that he has already managed to triumph during The Game Awards 2022 , taking the title of best mobile video game of the year.

Marvel Snap unveils the 2023 roadmap: here's all the news

Marvel Snap worked right away and, after the first few months of updates , the development team announced the 2023 content roadmap.


Through a long note published on the official website , all the news that will be included in the title over the next year have been revealed , divided into short, medium and long term.

The items listed in the image above are in the final stages of development and these features are almost ready for players to use.

Among the most awaited modes, the first to arrive in 1 or 2 months , there is the possibility of playing against friends. In battle mode , each player starts with 10 life, the player who is winning deals damage to the opponent based on the stake.

Subsequently, the ability to change the account name will be included , as well as credits for card authors and an upgrade for Infinite level cards.


First of all, the interface of the PC version will be updated with a dedicated widescreen mode , as well as intelligent deck search, unranked matches and new competitive modes.

Infinite, among the innovations that are currently in development and will arrive last, there are guilds, the infinite rank ranking, specific emojis and much more, as well as support for the use of controllers.

Marvel Snap ‘s 2023 therefore looks very busy , in the hope that the development team can keep the microtransactions at bay.

There doesn’t seem to be a mention of the single player modes for now, which some time ago was instead among the future possibilities.

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