National Space Day: the celebration in Genoa

National Space Day was established in 2021 , the aim was to celebrate the launch of the first Italian satellite, which took place in 1964. Italy was one of the first countries in the world to overcome the Earth’s atmosphere. UniGe and INFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Genoa section, organized an event of popular conferences with researchers, teachers and experts in the sector. The point of reference is the university student community, but it is open to all.


At the heart of National Space Day 2022 is multidisciplinarity : physics, engineering, natural and human sciences. Here is the series of interventions of 20 minutes each:

  • Bruno Conterno (SIIT Scpa Ligurian Technological District On Integrated Intelligent Systems): “Space economy for the Ligurian territory”
  • Giovanni Gallucci (INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics): “Study of space using X-rays”
  • Fabio Patrone (DITEN Department of naval, electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering): “Evolutions of satellite networks up to integration with 5G and beyond”
  • Barbara Caiffi (INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics): “The KM3Net neutrino telescope”
  • Paola Cianfarra (DISTAV Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences): “Crustal fractures reveal the geological evolution of planetary surfaces”
  • Walter Riva (Righi Astronomical Observatory): “Back to the Moon”
  • Silvano Tosi (DIFI Department of Physics – INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics): “Cosmology with the Euclid satellite”
  • Anna Volpara (DIMA Department of Mathematics): “STIX in Solar Orbiter: never so close to the Sun”
  • Sabrina Guastavino (DIMA Department of Mathematics): “Artificial intelligence to predict solar flares”.



  • National Space Day: the Genoese contribution to the study of our universe (

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