Tortoise: the world’s oldest turtle is 190 years old

Jonathan is the oldest turtle in existence and in 2022 he received recognition from Guinness World Records, after turning 190 . His birthday was declared to be 4 December 1832 by Governor of the British Overseas Territory Nigel Phillips. He celebrated with a three-day party at his home on the island of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. Reptile peers and local residents were invited complete with birthday cake. A cake is suitable for turtles. 


Jonathan is a giant tortoise from Seychelles. The venerable age of the reptile is based on a very dated photograph showing its arrival on Saint Helena from Seychelles in 1882. If it is confirmed, though not certain, that it was born in 1832, it must have been at least 50 years old in the photo. 

His long life on Earth has seen him go through the history of 39 American presidents. He almost got to see Napoleon. Despite his 190th birthday, he still has a big appetite, his favorite foods being bananas and lettuce hearts. A turtle that will surely go down in history and its peculiarity will remain in the Guinness World Records book. Who can boast having blown out 190 candles like Jonathan? We challenge anyone to raise their hand. 

  • Jonathan, The World’s Oldest Land Animal, Celebrates His Official 190th Birthday (

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