Elon Musk says he will step down as Twitter CEO in his own time and on one condition

Elon Musk finally broke his silence by officially commenting on the results of the poll on his leadership that he had called last Sunday. «Do you want me to resign as CEO of Twitter ? », He asked. The yes had won with a very robust majority.


At the time, we recalled that Musk himself had repeatedly specified that his role in Twitter would be pro tempore and that, sooner or later, he would have to identify a CEO capable of completing his ambitious vision: that is to transform Twitter into a super app (based on the WeChat model) which also acts as a platform for instant digital payments.

Those who expected Musk to resign immediately after the voting is over are obviously bound to be disappointed. The billionaire has announced in these hours that he will resign only after he has identified “a person crazy enough” to want to take his place. It could be a matter of months and, for all we know, even years. In fact, the plebiscite that clamored for his resignation will not produce any effect, as was largely imaginable. The bad fool remains and an incredible blow to Musk’s ego. And, for what it’s worth, even a dig by former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, who, making self-irony, drew a parallel with the 2016 referendums that had led him to resign.

Musk added that when he steps down as CEO, he will still remain in Twitter’s management, overseeing the teams that follow the engineering part of the social network.

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