$300 wireless charger from Tesla: Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Continuing to offer products outside of the automobile focus to its users, Tesla announced that it has developed a wireless charger.

We have told you that Tesla, one of the most important players in the electric car market, has come up with interesting products such as flamethrower and tequila in recent years . Continuing to offer products outside of the automobile focus to its users, Tesla announced that it has developed a wireless charger.

According to the information conveyed by Tesla, the design process of the wireless charger was inspired by the Cybertruck model. The most important feature of the developed wireless charger is that it can wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time. The wireless charger, which can charge 3 devices at the same time, will also support fast charging up to 15W for each device.

Powered through the USB-C port, the wireless charger comes with a 65W USB-C adapter. The wireless charger, which has Qi technology, can charge products such as smartphones, watches and headphones that support this technology.

To remind you, Apple came up with a wireless charger called AirPower in 2018. AirPower, which has a similar working logic with the wireless charger developed by Tesla and promises to charge more than one device at the same time, was canceled in 2019.

The wireless charger will be available on the company’s own online store, just like other Tesla products. According to the information shared by Tesla, the price of the wireless charger is $ 300. Shipments of Tesla’s wireless charger will begin in February 2023.

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