CNR Holding becomes strategic partner of CWEIC

CNR Holding, one of Turkey’s global and leading brands in fairs, has become the strategic partner of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), one of the world’s most prestigious trade event-focused organizations.

In the announcement made by CWEIC, Lord Marland, President of CWEIC, said that he was “very happy for CNR Holding to join the CWEIC network” and said, “CNR Holding, which was founded in Istanbul in 1985 by Ceyda Erem with the mission of increasing international trade with the trade fairs and B2B events it organizes, is in the Eurasian market. He stated that he organized fairs in Turkey to facilitate trade and standardized many fairs in their own sectors. Emphasizing that CNR Holding is a global brand that organizes fairs in Rwanda and the UAE, Lord Marland said, “Currently focusing on 21 African Commonwealth member countries, he looks forward to working with CNR Holding to expand their footprint in key Commonwealth markets.”

In the announcement made to its members and the press, it is stated that Vice Presidents İlhan Erem and S. Serhan Erem will attend the CWEIC Global Advisory Council at the meetings in which Ceyda Erem, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNR Holding, will be present. Serhan Erem brings a wide range of experience to trade fair organization and financing. He has held many positions such as BIA Director and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board of CNR Holding. carries out”.

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