EU gives 49 billion euros to German companies

The European Union (EU) approved the program to provide a total of 49 billion euros in financial support to Germany’s companies affected by the energy crisis.

The EU Commission has announced that the plan to support Germany’s economy in the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war has been approved.

In the statement, it was stated that Germany has prepared a 49 billion euro plan to support companies under the temporary crisis framework.

Pointing out that the said measure will be open to the use of companies of all sizes in all sectors that are electricity and natural gas consumers, it was noted that financial support within the scope of the measure will be provided in the form of direct grants.

In the statement, it was stated that the public support in Germany will be given through energy suppliers, and this will be reflected as a monthly discount on the electricity, natural gas and heating bills of the beneficiaries.

In the statement, it was stated that the aid directed to the companies would later be paid to the energy suppliers by the German state, and it was announced that the system would also include a collection mechanism and that the amount of aid above the determined limits would be taken back by the authorized institutions.


In the statement, it was stated that the said measure was necessary and proportionate to alleviate the serious disturbance in the German economy, and therefore it was found to comply with EU rules.

The authority of EU member states to determine how they will provide public support falls within the scope of the EU Commission.

Member states can only use public subsidies in a way that does not harm competition and in the public interest.

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