Short-term memory: the benefits of laser light therapy

Short-term memory: the benefits of laser light therapy.

Laser treatment called transcranial photobiomodulation ( tPBM ) appears to be of added value for people with conditions such as ADHD. A non-invasive light therapy that improves working memory after several minutes of treatment. The researchers also used electroencephalograms to see changes in brain activity. 

This type of laser light treatment on working memory increases accuracy, speeds up reaction times and improves attention and emotions. A recent study confirmed the link between tPBM and working memory in humans. Laser light therapy could hold the key to improving short-term memory.

The reason for the benefits of the treatment on working memory and the duration of the effects are yet to be discovered. More studies will be performed in the future.

We need more research to understand exactly why tPBM is having this positive effect, but it is possible that the light is stimulating the mitochondria, the powerhouses, in nerve cells within the prefrontal cortex, and this is having a positive effect on cell efficiency. We will also study how long the effects might last. Clearly, if these experiments are to lead to clinical intervention, we will need to see lasting benefits.

Professor Ole Jensen, Center for Human Brain Health

Transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) is therefore a safe and non-invasive treatment for cognitive improvement 

  • Laser light therapy could be the key to improving short-term memory (

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