Drones: bans eased in urban areas in Japan

Drones: bans eased in urban areas in Japan

Drones: bans eased in urban areas in Japan.

Japan has decided to encourage the use of drones in the important logistics sector. A shortage of drivers has hit Japan. These devices are used to deliver parcels and goods instead of traditional means of transport. 


Drones used for deliveries in urban areas could be optimal. The shortage of drivers could also be due to the growing aging of the population. Drones, therefore, require less manpower and much shorter times to bring goods to their destination. An advantage even for the most isolated areas. Japan has eased current bans but doesn’t want to use drones in heavily populated urban areas. Security in these areas is the absolute prerogative.

The Japanese, therefore, want to increase the use of drones for deliveries in urban areas, while maintaining a high level of safety for citizens. The prerogatives to fully guarantee safe flights over houses are there. Japan, however, wants to take it easy and not risk and make mistakesHowever, the easing of these bans will help grow the drone delivery sector, providing incentives for such activities. In the future there will be many companies that will invest in this sector, at least when bureaucracy will no longer be an obstacle to progress. 

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