Mental health: a guarantee for daily life

Mental health: a guarantee for daily life.

Nowadays it has become normal to go to a psychologist, so we talk about mental health without secrets. See a psychologist when emotional pain appears. However, many intend to promote mental health to do business. Care must therefore be taken to understand the importance of the difference between those who want to carry on good practices and those who want to speculate on them. 


The effectiveness of psychological therapy is not based on the specific model or technique but on the therapeutic relationship. The latter is what makes psychotherapy effective. While there are mental health conditions that require medication, personal problems don’t always need to be medicated. Taking psychiatric drugs is not without harmful effects for the person. Medicines often do not solve the problem in the long term, in fact they make it worse. 

For example, even the hypothesis that high levels of serotonin in the brain are needed to treat depression is not so true. Indeed, it is more useful to have a brain with greater flexibility and plasticity, endowed with an orientation towards change. Furthermore, there are professionals and companies that provide valid health care. Ultimately, however, interests come into play that may interfere with the very goal of health promotion. In many cases, even mental health campaigns turn into empty promises. Promoting and treating health requires plans, measures, targeted guidelines for an action that goes beyond words.

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