Real estate market: sales times by city

Real estate market: sales times by city.

A statistic made by Tecnocasa last summer shows that the times processed for the sale of a house have decreased throughout the territory. 108 days are counted for large cities. Once again Milan and Bologna are confirmed as the fastest cities with 52 and 69 days respectively. The cities with the longest times are Bari with 141 days and Palermo with 132 days. Then there are Genoa (127 days) and Naples (100 days). The greatest decreases, on the other hand, were recorded in Verona (from 135 to 122 days) and Palermo (from 143 to 132 days).


The shortest sales times are reported in the hinterland of Florence (118) followed by that Verona (127). A worsening of the Bari hinterland with an increase of 14 days and currently has 178 days. On average in provincial capitals it takes 134 days to sell a house. The statistical results show that buying a house is speeding up purchasing decisions. Investors who want to use the liquidity kept in order to avoid it being “consumed” by the ever-growing inflation are also quick. It will be the future months to tell if all this will affect the times of sale of the houses by lengthening the duration. 

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