New symptoms emerging in China frightened: Did Covid-19 mutate?

Covid-19 cases, which have risen again in China, have taken the country under its influence again. While the National Health Committee of China stopped declaring the number of cases and deaths, it was claimed that the daily number of cases increased up to 37 million. In China, where the Covid-19 virus is revived, the emergence of new symptoms, does the virus mutate? He brought up the question.

In China, where COVID-19 deaths are skyrocketing, the discovery of abnormal symptoms has raised concerns about the emergence of a new mutation. It turned out that some patients showed abnormal symptoms after contracting Covid-19, such as darkening of the face and tongue, and severe swelling in both eyes. After a patient in Tianjin was diagnosed with the virus, both his tongue and teeth turned black. The patients complained of aches and pains all over their body.


New symptoms in China frightened: Did Covid-19 mutate?


On the other hand, the video of a woman living in China’s Anhui Province was also the subject of discussion on the Chinese social media Weibo. In addition to symptoms such as fever, hoarseness and vomiting, it was observed that the skin on her lips and face turned black and peeled, in the woman whose Kovid-19 test was positive.


New symptoms in China frightened: Did Covid-19 mutate?


A patient from Hebei Province showed signs of walnut-like swelling in both eyes, but experts added that the patient may have an allergic reaction to the drug.


The World Health Organization (WHO) said, “Infection information in China is not transparent. It encourages the emergence of new mutations.”

One of China’s top officials in the field of infectious diseases, Dr. Zhong Nanshan said he was concerned that “a large-scale infection in a short time could easily trigger the emergence of a new mutation.”


New symptoms in China frightened: Did Covid-19 mutate?



US State Department Spokesman Ned Price Also Said, “It Is A Fact That We See Mutations in the process of Kovid-19, ” and pointed out that a new mutation may emerge in China and become a global threat.

WHO Director-General Ghebreyesus said, “We are very worried about the current situation, where the cases of Covid-19 have increased seriously in China .”

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