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The 10 best smartphone accessories of 2022

The 10 best smartphone accessories of 2022
The smartphone accessories that we liked the most this year, from products for top gaming to those dedicated to multimedia up to the photographic and video capture part.

Even the 2022 of smartphone accessories has come to an end, between curious news and long-awaited releases. The offer of products released in recent months is wide and varied: from appendages for better control during the game, to sensitive and compact wireless microphones for creators, also passing through stabilizers that make the phone’s video functions similar to those of a steadycam. In short, there is no shortage of choice, which is why for the end of the year we have chosen 10 of the best products of 2022, ordering them in a top ten.


How we chose them

We have extended the choice to all areas in which a classic smartphone can range, so as to embrace the most popular functions, which are improved by accessories. There are accessories that make daily life more comfortable and efficient, such as the latest generation GaN chargers, but also more niche devices such as simultaneous translators to break down language barriers, trackers to track any object and multimedia accessories, gaming and video photography.

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The 10 best smartphone accessories of 2022

Among the best accessories of 2022 there are well-known names such as Razer with its controller for Android and iPhone that transforms the smartphone into a powerful portable console, or Tile with its Mate universal tracker from 2022, or even the appreciated Dji smartphone stabilizer OsmoMobile 6. For each of the accessories we have prepared a card with the most particular characteristics and since there is still time for Christmas shopping, there is also the link to the best offer to transform it into a gift idea that will surely be appreciated ( here all the others more interesting).

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