Will we finally see the first affordable Tesla in 2024?

Will we finally see the first affordable Tesla in 2024?

The first affordable Tesla could come out much sooner than expected. Even if there is very little optimism, considering that after almost three years we are still waiting for the start of production of the Tesla Cybertruck, the colossal electric pickup announced towards the end of 2019.


On several occasions, Elon Musk had promised that Tesla would sooner or later start producing an economical and compact car, produced keeping in mind the consumption and driving habits of Europeans. In short, not a gigantic sedan or an SUV, but an electric car suitable for the streets and cities of this part of the world.

Also according to Musk, this car would also have been cheap (relatively speaking) with an introductory price below $25,000. A car capable of bringing Tesla to the Olympus of car manufacturers, increasing sales volumes and reaching a much wider and heterogeneous consumer audience.

The car, sometimes called the Tesla Model 2 by the press, could come out in 2024. We recall that in the past there was talk of the possibility that it would be presented as early as 2023 (as indeed the N.1 of Tesla China had implied).


What is certain is that the Model 2 is fundamental to Tesla’s growth objectives, which closed 2022 by increasing deliveries by 40% on an annual basis. To reach even higher volumes, a wider line-up will be needed with options dedicated to the mid-range.

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