Developers earned $320 billion in revenue from the App Store

Apple announced that since 2008 it has paid developers $320 billion through subscription fees and the App Store.

Developers earned $320 billion in revenue from the App Store

In a new post , Apple announced that it has paid $320 billion to developers through subscription fees and the App Store since 2008. Moreover, Apple’s commission fees are not included in this announced figure. According to the shared information, the number of paid subscribers through Apple services has reached 900 million. In addition, 650 million visitors from 175 regions visited the App Store. 

Featured 2022 data of Apple services 

Like the App Store, Apple’s game subscription service Apple Arcade also draws attention with its growth data. Home to more than 200 games, Apple Arcade added 50 new games to its platform this year. 

Apple’s music service Apple Music features more than 100 million songs on its platform. Also, Spatial Audio listeners grew by 1000 percent. 

Shazam celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022. The app has reached 70 billion Shazams. Shazam released 17 new national charts and 58 new city charts last year, allowing users to discover more than 40 million different songs. Thanks to this, more than 1 million artists have received their first Shazam. 

In addition, the Apple Fitness+ library has reached 3,500 exercises and meditations. 

It is noteworthy that the App Store, which has been criticized for its high commission fees in recent years, highlighted the income it provides to developers in this new report. If you remember , we told you that Apple renewed the width of the price tariff and the number of lists for the App Store last month, as a result of years of lawsuits and criticism .   It seems that the company will continue to take steps in this area and highlight the benefits it provides to developers. 

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