Nearly 60,000 people have died in China since Dec.

In China, it was announced that 59,938 people died from the corona virus from December 8 to January 12.

Jiao Yahui, Director of the Medical Administration Department of the National Health Commission of China, announced the coronavirus data in mainland China at the press conference. Jiao Yahui Announced That Health Institutions Reported 59,938 Deaths

from Covid-19 between December 8 and January 12. Jiao stated that 5 thousand 503 people died directly due to respiratory failure caused by Covid-19 infection, while 54 thousand 435 people died due to underlying diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases along with Covid-19 infection. While the average age of those who lost their lives during the said period was recorded as 80.3, it was shared that 90.1 percent of those who died were 65 years old and over, and 56.5 percent were 80 years old and over.

In a statement made last month by China’s National Health Commission, it was announced that only deaths caused by respiratory failure directly caused by Covid-19 will be included in the number of deaths in the coronavirus data.


China , strict epidemic measures were relaxed at the beginning of December. With millions of people catching the corona virus, hospitals across the country were experiencing their most difficult days since the beginning of the epidemic, while long queues formed in front of crematoriums.

China also reopened its borders as of January 8. Some countries started to impose restrictions on those coming from China on the grounds that the Chinese administration did not share the data about the latest situation in the epidemic transparently.

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