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About construction, resources and pets in the grim strategy Gord

Studio Covenant, founded by former CD Projekt RED producer Stan Yust, has published a video dedicated to the construction in fantasy strategy Gord . The key role is played by the palisade, it appears and is customized at the moment the settlement is founded.


This is the main defense, but also a limiter: buildings outside the stockade will be constantly attacked, and very few will be able to function in such conditions. Therefore, one of the main elements of urban planning in Gord is the skillful use of an extremely limited space. You can get out of the situation by improving the buildings, which will immediately be noticeable both visually and in terms of their effectiveness. But upgrading a building is always more expensive than building another one, and this creates a dilemma.

The game features six types of resources. At the initial stages, it was assumed that there would be eight of them, but the developers quickly realized that this overloaded the player and pulled the blanket too much towards construction. Therefore, as a result, they abandoned water and stone, and, accordingly, from wells and quarries.

Another interesting feature: with the development of the settlement, it will increasingly boil with life. This is not only about people, but also about animals: cattle, rats, cats will run around the settlement and go about their business.

About construction, resources and pets in the grim strategy Gord
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