GOG versions of games in the Like a Dragon series were considered disrespectful to the creator of the series

Recently, a 7-game Like a Dragon bundle became available on GOG , and one fan noticed that a dubious change was made to these versions.

Along with the removal of DRM in each game from the bundle, the end credits were updated. Now they do not mention the creator of the series Toshihiro Nagoshi , who left SEGA in 2021 , the names of some other developers, as well as the names of the companies Lab42 and QLOC that helped with ports of games on Steam .

The user also pointed out that the ports on GOG are definitely based on the Steam versions and not the ones on the Microsoft store. At the same time, apparently, not only the names of the companies Lab42 and QLOC were removed from the games, but also their logos.

Many fans were dissatisfied with the discovered change, noting the uselessness of such actions and disrespect for the developers. Below you can see one example of edited titles. More screenshots are here .

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