The authors of Against the Storm plan to improve the interface and training

Recently, Eremite Games studio has released another major update to the strategy simulator Against the Storm . The Cycles Reforged patch allowed players to send their caravan to collect ancient seals, participate in world events, and use improved faction trade routes.

Now the developers have shared their plans for the coming months. In particular, they intend to improve the user interface and make learning more useful for beginners. Players will be able to get acquainted with the fifth species – now in the game world there are beavers, lizards, people and harpies.

Upcoming updates will bring new buildings, perks and orders, updated systems for cycles on the world map, mining and crafts. There will be new unique biome mechanics and full Steam Deck support.

Recently, the creators of Against the Storm announced that the game has become the most successful project of the studio Eremite Games. Half a million players have already met her in early access. And the creators intend to release the release version in the second half of 2023.

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