The authors of Escape from Tarkov will be banned for datamining

Battlestate Games has released a statement about illegal data mining in  Escape from Tarkov . Now the studio will ban dataminers and those who distribute information obtained by digging into the game files.

Key points from the statement:

  • Data mining deprives the shooter of the “wow effect” and makes it more predictable, which does not correspond to the vision of the developers. For example, data miners share information about the spawn chance of a certain boss in a certain place and the conditions of the quest and rewards before they become available in the game.
  • Any extraction of data without official permission is a direct violation of clauses 4.2.2, 4.2.5, 4.2.11 and 4.3.4. License Agreement.
  • Datamining can give an unfair advantage over those who don’t support it. It also upsets developers – they say that they work on a new function for a long time, and dataminers immediately reveal it.
  • The authors will continue to share information about updates in the amount that will be sufficient to keep up to date with the latest developments.
  • From now on, the company will block in-game accounts involved in data mining and/or sharing data obtained as a result of data mining. Platforms involved in this process will receive warnings about such activity.
  • Some netizens reacted negatively to the news. They believe that the developers do not describe the changes in the game in sufficient detail – data mining solves this problem. In addition, it is not clear why Battlestate is not opposed to a fan-made wiki, which has a lot of information from the Tarkov files.

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