The best competitive games of the platform

In the catalog of the gaming platform , you can find all kinds of games of various genres, including both single-player adventures and novelties with multiplayer support.

This time we will talk about several colorful examples among competitive projects, where the success of users will help them win first places in the tournament tables.

Cuboom is a Minecraft- style multiplayer shooter with a variety of modes that support popular formats like battle royale. The list of the latter, by the way, has been expanded with a recent update.

In addition, players are waiting for numerous maps with unique conditions and rich variability in the choice of equipment for characters and weapons. Not so long ago, Avatars with Titles were added to the shooter , which will also come in handy when participating in local PvP and PvE battles.
In Blood of the Titans, players will have to collect a whole deck of various magical creatures, trying to win their place in a world where the hunt for magicians is open. This can be done not only with the help of the story campaign, but also by participating in tournaments and various tests.
sers will have the opportunity to upgrade their card army, choosing the best characteristics and heroes for battles. The authors also provided the option to develop their database, which is also useful to everyone who wants to climb to the top of local ratings

Hero Raid also focuses on gathering a skilled squad of fighters who need to deal with the problem of dangerous dragons that have appeared on the continent. In the process, you will have to take into account the features and abilities of the fighters, improving them as you progress. If desired, new heroes, by the way, can be hired in the Tavern.

In addition, you need to carefully monitor the battlefield and apply a tactical approach – you can train your skills in clan trials and tournaments, where users will have a chance to fight other players. Another of the additional advantages of the adventure can be called a cute animation style


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