The creators of Escape From Tarkov threaten dataminers with bans

The Battlestate Games studio published a statement explaining the harm caused to the action movie Escape from Tarkov and its players by those who penetrate the game code in order to extract various information.

According to the developers, the appearance of information about upcoming missions and rewards, as well as places where it is worth waiting for the game boss, deprive the game of an element of unpredictability and makes the gameplay boring. And some aspects of the data are used for gaming dishonesty and advantages over other players.

The studio reminded that such activity is a violation of the license agreement and promised that it would apply the most severe measures to those who distribute the data obtained in this way, up to blocking accounts.

Players, however, are reminded that Battlestate Games does not always inform about changes in the game. And in such a situation, only thanks to dataminers, many will find out that they need to hurry to complete the quest before the boss disappears, or change ammunition, which is about to become less effective.

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