Limited Run Games Show Reissues of Clock Tower Gex and More Plus New Product Announcements

Ancient horror from the Super Famicom will be released on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Conservation and other amenities are claimed. For the reissue, a song was recorded with vocals from Mary McGlynn (you may know her from the tracks from Silent Hill ). The release of the port is scheduled for the first months of 2024. The horror film will be translated into several languages, including English; Russian localization, alas, will not.The compilation, which includes Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues , will visit PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Modern features are mentioned, including preservation. Launch date unknown.A series of humorous 3D platformers will arrive on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox Series and Switch. Release dates have not yet been announced.


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