Xbox is testing a voice chat complaint system

Microsoft has unveiled a new toxicity tool on Xbox that will allow players to report inappropriate behavior via voice chat.

As part of the Xbox Insiders program, the corporation is launching a voice chat complaints system. With its help, the owner of the Xbox One or Series will be able to record a 60-second video demonstrating the violation and send it to the security department.

  • The chat recording feature is easy to use and has minimal impact on gameplay.
  • Only the player decides whether to make a clip or not.
  • Videos with violations do not appear in the recent videos section, they cannot be uploaded, edited or published. Records fall into the moderation department only at the initiative of the user, Microsoft assures .
  • Clips are automatically deleted after 24 hours online.
  • After the experts consider the complaint, its sender will be notified of the verdict.

The feature is supported in thousands of online entertainment, including Xbox 360 games that run in backwards compatibility mode. So far, the system is available in English-speaking countries – the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In the future , Microsoft intends to add support for other languages .

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